A New store model!

It is not a sex shop in the usual store model and perception we find in Greece and in Central Europe. It is a decent place dedicated to the art of love, a temple of eroticism: not hidden in a dark alley or in the basement of an apartment building. Located on a central avenue, in a large and traditional Athenian market, a modern, professional building with large, comfortable, bright and clean spaces, just like any serious clothing, book and toy store should be!

Erosart does not address to some special groups of people. Our sex shop addresses to every person, woman or man, irrelevant of sexual desires, because the sexual act and sexuality, as behavior inside society, is activity of all adult people, with one or another way. We do not target to some fast supper profit, with low quality or expensive products. Our aim is a long lasting relation of cooperation with the client, offering a large spectrum of products, mainly imported from Europe and USA, of excellent quality and reasonable prices, with imports directly from the producers, without intermediates who enlarge the cost. We serve our customers in a polite, discreet, respectful manner, taking into consideration ideas and suggestions for improvement.

We are committed to continuous improvement through new partnerships with leading producers and suppliers in Europe and America, with the introduction of new original products and the production of our own.

We DECLARE the following: We are absolutely against:

(a) all forms of child pornography and sexual exploitation of minors;

(b) rape, mutilation and all forms of violence;

(c) any acts of sadism-masochism that occur without the full and free consent of all participants;

(d) any use of sex toys which is done prudently to ensure the physical integrity of users and participants, given that each instrument may be completely safe OR dangerous, depending on how it is used.

(e) we hope that our company will never indirectly and unintentionally engage in any of the aforementioned illegal and reprehensible acts as a result of misuse of any product sold by it.