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Anal vibrator with screw design from the EasyToys Anal Collection.


Anal vibrator with screw design from the EasyToys Anal Collection.


Sensual prostate massage with the Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 1.


Vibrating butt plug for men and women. Thanks to its conical shape and rounded tip, the Plug-ilicious 2 hits the P-point precisely, stimulating it with vibrations from 2 motors. The wonderful design is rounded off with a wide base, soft silicone material and app control. 


Anal vibrator ROMY with remote control from the Romance Collection.


SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator is a product that can be used for both male and female. For female, it can be used for G spot and anal stimulation. For male, this is perfect for massaging the prostate.


Let yourself be spoiled from the head to toe: Always in top form for your pleasure curve, only one is that flexible: Charging Chester. With its classic, slightly curved body, the silicone dildo offers you an exciting tension curve over a length of 27 cm. If it then clings closely to your skin, it stimulates your vagina or anus particularly intensively and evenly via the guiding surfaces on the sides. Oh yeah, Charging Chester just got the hang of pampering you from the front to the back.

E-Stim: The beautifully shaped silicone dildo can be inserted easily and deeply. Even more so, if you use a water-based lubricant. By inserting the 2mm plug of the supplied cable directly into the connector holes and activating the stimulation current mode, Ch...