EROSART was created in December 2009 in Ambelokipi (on Kifissias Avenue), aiming to meet the needs of the residents in the city of Athens for an erotic shop that operates in accordance with modern European and American standards.

As models for the design of spaces, the separation of product categories into different spaces within the store, the location of the store within the city, the mode of operation, there have been Central European sex shops. The establishment of EROSART was preceded by serious, systematic and long-term study in countries that have a long tradition of erotic shops (Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands).

In spring 2012, the store moved to Marousi city, again on Kifissias Avenue (next to OTE’s Megaro and the Attica Junction), in order to better serve its numerous customers. This is achieved with more functional areas, easiest parking (at least 4 parking spaces), easy and quick access.

EroSart The most complete erotic store in Athens


At EROSART we believe that sex is an adult game, such as ball, dolls, hide and seek and more.

We respect the sexual desires, fantasies and habits of all people as long as they are socially acceptable and meet the following criteria:

  1. All participants must be adults and mentally healthy. Pedophilia and all kinds of sexual exploitation of children, people with intellectual disabilities, mentally ill people and generally people with reduced judgment and will are in complete opposition to us and we consider that such acts are criminal, must be prosecuted and must be socially condemned.
  2. All participants must participate with complete free will and with full knowledge of the risks that may arise from various sexual habits and practices.
  3. All participants must avoid causing serious injuries, permanent bodily harm and disabilities, transmitting common or specific infections (AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, etc.) and any other unpleasant consequences, either to themselves nor to others. The act of love must be a source of maximum pleasure and not a source of sadness and long-term physical and mental suffering.
  4. All kinds of sex toys (or adult toys) must be used in accordance with their design, specifications and capabilities to become orgasm and sexual pleasure maximizing tools, rather than tools to permanently damage the human body. There should be no limits, no inhibitions, but at the same time there must be prudence and safety.


  1. At EROSART we strive to create a female-friendly environment and atmosphere. We do this by appropriately designing our store’s spaces and by having women salesmen, carefully selected on the basis of seriousness, courtesy and a high level of education. Although we have the same interest and respect for all of our clients, men and women, we know that women are in greater need of a sex shop where they would feel safe, comfortable and intimate. It remains a fact that Greek society continues to be conservative regarding sex, especially when it goes beyond classical and traditional practices and women are still (at least to a large extent) the most vulnerable and therefore unsafe part of it, unable to express erotic desires, fantasies and  visiting an erotic shop.
  2. At EROSART there is always confidentiality and discretion towards the customer. Our personnel will never comment and will never share any information about personal data, sexual habits and customer purchases.
  3. Salesladies have and must have excellent knowledge of the specifications and how to use the various items sold so that they can properly advise and assist each and every customer in the choices. But it is an undeniable truth that our customers’ imagination and quests, like those of erotic toys makers, have no limits. So we cannot claim to know everything and believe that it is sincere and useful for everyone to say that we are constantly learning more from both our customers and our suppliers.
  4. EROSART always remains the first in variety of products and the immediate availability of most of them. After all, this is something most customers and clients spontaneously say when they first visit our store. In our store there are always many different suggestions and alternatives available in each category of erotic toys (classic and BDSM), lingerie, lubricants, erotic gifts for any occasion (birthdays, corporate celebrations, bachelor parties etc).
  5. At EROSART we strive to continually refresh our product collection with dozens of new sextoys and lingerie every month as we believe imagination and fantasies are constantly active and creative, generating ever-new erotic fantasies always require different toys and underwear to materialize.
  6. We encourage customers to visit the store and not prefer online orders when this is geographically possible for them. We think that the customer in the store has the ability to be better served because: he can see with his own eyes the shapes, colors, sizes, he can touch the materials and he can see the hardness and texture of them, he can ask our salespeople directly about the functions and properties of each product, he can ask for advice and suggestions when he has vague ideas and desires.
  7. We work with Europe’s largest wholesalers, from where we import and thus ensure reasonable pricing, great variety and constant new product designs for our customers.
  8. To secure customers online orders we do not want credit card payments. We choose payment through trusted intermediaries: either cash on delivery, or payment through the internationally accepted VIVAWALLET. Of course, credit card payment is always acceptable for in-store purchases.